Thursday, 19 November 2009

Poppleton Station

Look, my village has a station where the man pops out of his little house to open the barriers when a train is coming.

The village I live in is called Upper Poppleton. Nether Poppleton is a little further down the road. The station is just labelled Poppleton, probably so that neither village feels left out.


jro said...

Ooohhh! Hi Ruby! I've only just found you again, and with such news!!!!

The village name is lovely, I think I have been through it in the past.

I hope you are enjoying Life.


My grandfather was Station master there in the 1950's and 60's. His name was Fred Dale and he used to let me do all sorts of things in the signal box, pulling the levers and so on which was a little boy's dream. Fred dale lived at Morar on main street when he moved out of the Station house and he worshipped at the methodist Chapel where is was a lay speaker.

Zoe said...

What a lovely blog. I am a student living in York and think it is such a wonderful and beautiful place to live. I look forward to your posts!