Saturday, 23 August 2008

Bargain Flowers in the Market

On a street corner, just by Borders - some bargain flowers available at the end of the day.


Hoffy Swims said...

Rubes - Shouldn't your profile picture be of the "York Free Press" now!? LOL!

Hope you've settled in OK.

Best wishes.

Hoff & Bex.


Hi Ruby - I completely agree with the Hoff. Anyway - glad everything's going okay...and to celebrate new beginnings I've got an award waiting for you....pop over and have a look. x

Murph said...

Ahh..THERE you are!

Surely you should become Roky in York? Or Kroy?

Picklesmum said...

You kept this well hidden, grumps and I only heard of it from Hoffy's comments on his blog.

Z said...

Hooray, lovely to see you again - thanks to Alex for telling me where you are.

Florries Mum said...

Found you at last-hope you are settling in ok and the rubettes find new schools up to scratch. And you are coping with two women in the same kitchen!

Patricia said...

Thank goodness we found you Ruby !! Glad to see your doing well and it was enjoyable seeing your new photo's...keep us updated on your new life - we miss you !!

mel said...

Hi Ruby,

Very much approve of the new blog (and happy to report that the waters have now subsided enough that I could walk up the riverside to my allotment yesterday)

If you fancy coffee & a bun once you're settled, just drop me a line - I have Sunday to Wednesday lunchtime off most weeks - and you know where to find me the rest of the time! (The best coffee shop in town is in the process of moving to virtually next door to me - they should be open sometime this week and will be in need of quality-control!)

Mel x

jo said...

Hi Ruby!
Glad to see you've landed & started a new blog! Will be boookmarking this page so be assured your hit counter will tart to fly!


Patricia said...

Same here Ruby - checking every day...!!

Maria, Martin, Ian and Max said...

I agree with need to be Kroy now:)

Glad to see you back in blogland. Showing me up with a photo a day. I think mine died in March this year...just can't keep up!

Hope you are enjoying yourself despite the wetness.


Picklesmum said...

Ruby? Where have your photos of the DAY gone? Or is a day longer ooop norf?

fourpints said...

Ah, So this is where you hide now Ruby!!!

Glad to see your camera not gathering dust

all the best

Dave Fourpintski

Picklesmum said...

Hi Ruby, I have tagged you as everyone in Suffolk thinks you have been abducted by northern aliens.

Blame 21st Century Mummy as she tagged me 1st!

Ruby said...

Hoffy - the profile pic should indeed change now! There's nothing quite like the Bury Bummer here - I think it is unique - the York Free Press is quite an ordinary newspaper!!

AMA, an award, where where? I shall be across!

Hello Murph! Yup, this is where I am. I like Roky. Don't push me. (Or was that Rambo?!)

Hey Picklesmum - heh heh, it wasn't actually officially announced yet, but everyone found me as the new blog showed up on my profile. Just goes to show you can run but you can't hide :-D

Hiya Z, nice to know you still look in - I have been well and truly found!

Hiya Florries Mum, funny you should mention the 2 women in the same kitchen thing. Ruby Senior has a great nack of moving to the same spot of the kitchen I need to be - just a few seconds before I do, LOL!

Hi Patricia, more coming up - promise!

Hey Mel, I am just about settling in now and will most definitely be in touch shortly :-)

Jo, thanks - I'd better start updating then!!

Maria, lol, I am probably mad starting a photo a day. The minute I hear the words "photo a day" I don't want to take any - so we'll see how this one goes, if it goes!!!

Picklesmum, I shall try with the photo a day thing - really should as that's what it says in the title, hee hee. Tagged me? What is this Suffolk jollity? Am Northern and miserable now (OK, so I always have been as far as blog games go!!).

Hello Dave Fourpintski. Miss you. Come back!