Friday, 22 August 2008

Clifford's Tower

I think there are signs telling people to keep off the bank of Clifford's Tower - if they're still there that is. But no-one ever has, as far as I am aware. It basically justs asks to be run/rolled down anyway. My youngest son ran off up here when he was about 18 months old and I had to pursue him right up it and down the other side, to the amusement of spectating tourists.


MarkG said...

Am I first to comment here? WooHoo!

I will be looking out over Clifford's Tower in December this year when I'm up in York for a friend's wedding. A Christmas wedding in York Minster - should be great!

Louise said...

Hi Ruby!

Looking forwarding to finding out lots about York. Looks great so far (apart from flooding) Take care

Trace Your Ancestors said...

Hope that you are settling into York well! I have many lovely memories of York as my sister lived there for a couple of years.
She now lives not too far away in Leeds.
I will look forward to your future posts. Best wishes Amanda x

grumpyoldwoman said...

Here you are! In York! Well I never! It appears to be rather wet there Ruby - hope you bought yourself some croc-wellies.

Ruby said...

Hey Mark, I do believe you were the first to find me!! A York Minster wedding will be just fantastic - best place ever to have one! I had a couple of wedding pics taken in front of the Minster on my wedding day, which was cheating as I actually got married in York Registry Office!

Hi Louise - I shall try and post a bit more often!! - thanks for following me here!

Hi Amanda, yep, York's a great place but Leeds is too. I like Leeds for shopping better than anywhere else, even London. Thanks for looking in, hope all's well with you!

Hiya Grumps, indeed I am here - and I think I need a whole croc wet suit! Wonder if they make them?!! xx