Tuesday, 19 August 2008

A Purple Man

Purple man on Stonegate. The lady approaching in the red jacket blows him a kiss as she walks past. There are often street performers in this part of the city, and there are loads around at the moment, at the height of the tourist season.


Arch Drude said...

This picture is so cool!
Ruby, would you mind if I was to download it and show it to a friend? :)
Oh, it's ooberman aka pog and now Drude ... keep up! he he

Ruby said...

No probs Arch Drude - download away! Glad you like the piccy - now stop name changing, I'm getting confused :-D

Arch Drude said...
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Arch Drude said...

Cheers Ruby
Want to show it to a mate on me myspace page who lives there :)