Sunday, 8 February 2009

Army Climbing Wall in Parliament Street

The army recruiting team were in York for the recent residents' festival, with a climbing wall that moved on a conveyor belt sort of set up - so you could climb and climb but never get to the top. It could be tilted forwards and backwards to vary the gradient too.

LJ had a go, but don't worry, I'm not letting him join up. He'd hate the haircut, anyway :-D


MartinC said...

Climbing? I get dizzy if I take one foot off the ground!

Hilda said...

That actually looks like a lot of fun! Did you try it? :)

Freda L said...

I just love LJ he's obviously up for anything! and yes Ruby I am a Yorkie thro'and thro', Born in Acomb, lived in South Bank for a while then Heworth and in Fulford for 26 years. Does Ruby senior also remember the floods of 1947?

Ruby said...

Hilda, no fear, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have got very far!!

Freda, you certainly are a Yorkie! Ruby Senior has only lived in York for about 12 years. She decided she liked York when I was at university here, and moved over not long afterwards. In 1947 she was in Leeds so didn't experience the floods, just walking to school with walls of snow on each side! Were there bad floods in '47?