Saturday, 7 February 2009

The Roman Bath Museum

In the centre of York is a pub called the Roman Bath, named as such because the steam room of a Roman bath house was found underneath it in the 1930s. The excavations have been turned into a small but very interesting museum, and last week I went for a look.

This was the bath house in the military fortress of York rather than in the civilan side of town, so there are no decorative mosaics and some tiles bear the insignia of the 9th legion who founded York in AD71. (OMG! This place was once full of naked 9th legion Roman soldiers sitting in the steam!)
I liked this model of the fortress and stood here for a while working out where everything was. That's the main gate at the front which was in St Helen's Square, and the tower on the front left must be the multangular tower. I think the square building in the middle is about where the Minster is, and I think the bath house must be that barely visible building on the front right, just peeping out from behind the wall.

LJ enjoyed trying out the replica armour, shields and helmets in the museum. He found out that a centurion's helmet is very heavy!


Julie said...

I like Roman baths. It is fun to think about what life must have really been like so many years ago. I am still waiting to use my new favorite word you taught me, snickelways. I really liked your fountain shot also.Thanks for stopping by my website to check out the Chihuly glass art. I put a new photo of Chihuly glass up today

lunarossa said...

Ruby, after so many years in York I've just found this out from you! I swear I thought it was just a normal pub! I will have to go and investigate. Thanks. Ciao. A.