Tuesday, 10 February 2009

London again

Make way! I am going to London today! I need to be there to attend a luncheon at 11.45am, and will, I hope, be boarding my train at 8:12am.

Snow, rain, floods and all kinds of awful weather conditions are forecast so this photo of a Japanese bullet train in the National Railway Museum here in York is on my blog for good luck!

Not that I know how one of these would fare in British winter weather conditions. Our own trains tend not to do that well either, of course, and I will be amazed if I get to York Station tomorrow and see lots of "on time" trains on the board. I am kind of expecting lots of cancellations. How I hope I'll be pleasantly surprised!

(There is of course also the possibility that I might get there and not be able to get back. That would be interesting.)


Olivier said...

le nez de ce train, me fait penser a un nez d'avion ;o)

Gail's Man said...

Enjoy your day in London. Flat shoes this time I think!

It's sunny here and all the snow has gone. Off to Bury St Edmunds shortly, so see what the roads are like there.

lunarossa said...

Yes, Olivier is right, it looks like the front of a plane! Hope you got your train this morning and you will be back tonight safe and sound. Weather shouldn't be too bad today, just very cold! Hope you've got your slippers with you. Ciao. A.

Hilda said...

Hope you got there safe and sound, and on time! And back home safely too!

Love your shot of this very shiny train. It does look like a bullet!

You might want to check the website of the British Council in the Philippines. Who knows, they might have a job you'll like! Just one warning though: our summers are really hot and humid! :)

Hilda said...

Memory lapse there, sorry! It was Antonella who mentioned that she keeps noticing Manila's weather and asked if there would be jobs here for her :D