Tuesday, 4 November 2008

A peaceful place to work ...

The above photo is of the place I wish I'd gone to yesterday. York library. But I didn't go there. I had the unlikely idea of working in an unlikely place instead and what a disaster that turned out to be.
So where did I go? To Tesco Cafe of all places! Tesco is my local supermarket. It's a huge one, and has a very bright and cheerful cafe upstairs. I figured I could work there from 9 till 3.30, school run time, and I have to say I did get quite a bit done - but not in ideal circumstances.
Obviously I knew there would be hustle and bustle, which I can take in moderation. But what I hadn't bargained for was the cafe being full of college students, all day, because Tesco is right opposite York College. It was like trying to work in a high school canteen. At one point a man (presumably a college lecturer) came in and went round the tables telling all the students: "We have had complaints about large groups of students in here, occupying tables and not buying anything, making noise, and swearing. Have you been swearing?" Which caused some hilarity.
Back to York Library tomorrow, I think.
P.S. Sorry no photo of Tesco cafe. I forgot my camera, duh! And no, I'm not going back another day to take one :-D
P.P.S Do I sound like a grumpy old git? I feel like one!


Wayne said...

If I didn't have DSL I'd go to one of our libraries to use the wifi. They all have it and there are two very close to me.

Mercifully I have found out before bedtime that the mystery location was not the HRM and I'll get a good night's sleep.

I ride the bus quite often just as school lets out and I'm almost a basket case by the time I get where I'm going.

Virginia said...

Well I 'm a grumpy old git, so I guess I need to hang arouond here a lot! HA
Welcome to CDP. It's fun and the people are nice as all get out!

Catofstripes said...

I admire your devotion to duty. I can even spend two hours in Tesco to shop, so managing useful work there sounds like the actions of heroine!

JollyGreenP said...

Hi Ruby, should we rename you as Lisa? That is as in Moaner Lisa!! Groan!!

jane said...

Poor Ruby!

You're going to have to start working your way round some of the cafes, just once a week perhaps, to give yourself a treat. Then you can tell us what they're like. Tell them you're doing a write-up and you may get a free refill!

Picklesmum said...

I love people in Tesco cafe who try to run business meetings on their phones. Us Pickles sit right next to them and make loads of noise! They should use their offices!! Hee hee, bad Picklesmum!

Ruby said...

Wayne, I'll have to make sure I don't tell you before I go to the NRM, so you can sleep. I'm not sure how we'll cope if I do a week long series though (*evil laugh*)!

Hi Virginia and welcome to YDP! I'm very much enjoying being one of the CDP bunch!!

Cat - someone else who takes 2 hours to go round the supermarket - so do I! I have to go alone, no one else has the stamina!

Hi Jane, yes I have it in mind to do some wi-fi cafe exploring, like 21CM did around Bury.

Picklesmum, believe it or not I used to do exactly the same when the kids were littler :-D

Tanya said...

I'd be at the library too, that view is so charming!

lunarossa said...

The coffee shop hopping is an execllent idea, Ruby. You might even get some freebies, who knows? I cannot concentrate in public places, not even the library, otherwise I would ttry as well. All the best. Ciao. Antonella

Hilda said...

LOL, Ruby! Even here, café's with wi-fi are no place to work! Going back to the library sounds like a smart move. ;D

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And if you're interested in food, click on the "food" tag in my site ("restaurants" too if you're interested in the places). I don't think I've posted any Filipino food yet though. Manila has so many restaurants to choose from!

Geraldo Maia said...

Hello Ruby,
Thank you very much for the kind comment on my blog, in regard to the the photos of surfers.
I have seen that your blog is dedicated to daily photos, and very beautiful, just about York, the region where you live.
Best wishes from Brazil:

Jackie said...

I'm so lucky I have an office so I can have a cup of tea and cake and work in peace. If I didn't I'd definitely go for the library rather than TEscos though!

Wanda said...

Working in a middle school is a fast way to realize that working in crowded and overrun areas is a bit disheartening. The library looks as though it were made for you.

marley said...

Yes, the library should be a much better place. I've got a vision of you tearing your hair out in Tesco's cafe!

We like a grumpy old git in CDP land! :)

Picklesmum said...

Is it a Cr@ppy Tesco cafe like Bury or a Cost@ like in Stooooomarrrrrrket? Makes all the difference you know!

Rambling Round said...

Love that view...not sure I could concentrate at the computer though.