Sunday, 2 November 2008

Pizza Hut Limo

Well it's great to be back in York, with all of its York-ness and eccentricities. Haven't had time to go out and take photos yet, but here's one I snapped some time ago - of someone arriving at Pizza Hut by limousine. Personally it wouldn't be my choice of dining establishment for an evening of chauffer driven luxury (I'd go to Pizza Express, it's in a posher building ;-) but someone is obviously a fan.

PS Today I'm going to spend the day in a very unlikely place. Tune in tomorrow to find out where.


lunarossa said...

Great photo, Ruby. I agree with you, if I really had to choose I'd prefer Pizza Express although it is rather expensive for what they offer. Of course if you can afford a limo, money shouldn't be a problem. Looking forward to find out what you're up to today. Take care. Ciao. Antonella

marley said...

Great photo! Yes, I could think of better places to go in a limo!

Intrigued to know where your going. I'll guess up a tree!? Lol :)

Hilda said...

LOL! But who can resist pizza?

Wayne said...

The fascination, in Britain, with these monstrosities is puzzling. Although I don't like them I do see the benefit of them chauffeuring drunken teenagers.

Hinting about tomorrow has me all keyed up. Is it the NRM? Huh, is it Ruby? I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight.

Belgrade Daily Photo said...

This picture is great! I love the wet street at night.