Thursday, 18 September 2008

A bit of the Minster #1

York Minster is enormous. Like really, really, neck-achingly tall and wide. Impossible to photograph in full.

I have however made it my future mission to try and get it completely into a photo, even if it means buying a wide angle lens at some point when I have more money than I do at the moment. For now though, we will have to make do with pics of small portions of it, like the above. And if I don't ever manage to fit it all in, we can put all the pics together like a jigsaw to make a whole one :-D

I like this scene because there's lots happening at once. I didn't even see the school girls arriving from the right when I took it. The cyclists are a bit in the way, frankly, but that's generally the case in York. Not that I can say anything because I'm a York cyclist too.


jane said...

I would love a wide-angle lens too. It's very frustrating not to have one, as I take lots of landscape and garden photos. One day. Still, it's nice to see the cathedral again.

JollyGreenP said...

Thanks for the comments Ruby, how about doing a Hockney type compilation building up a complete 360 picture of the Minster? We could maybe do a collaborative on it.

Somewhere on my blog I am sure that I have a photo of the Minster taken from the railings by the Minster School where I just managed to squeeze in the whole Minster but it looks like I forgot to put any tags on the item as I can't find it.

MarkG said...

Hi Ruby - here's my attempt from a trip a few years ago

York Minster

Ruby said...

Hi Jane, do you put your pics online anywhere? Would love to see them!

Hi Jollygreenp, a Hockney type Minster pic is a great idea - maybe we should! Thanks for the mention on your blog this today :-)

Hi Markg, you crafty thing you. You have solved the problem of the the tree in front of the Minster. Photograph it in winter, when it isn't a big bushy Minster-obscuring blot!! Nice shot - but I'm going to have to wait a few months till I can do a similar one, unless I creep out at night with a chain saw ...

jane said...

I use photobucket, but it's having a major overhaul at the moment because I have so many rude joke illustrations on it that I can't work out how to make private - I use them for a messageboard I belong to. I need to sort it all out into more folders wthout breaking the threads. It's finding the time to do it that's the problem.

Here's one:-


and another :-


As you can see, I haven't managed to get the whole of Doddington Hall in!

jane said...

Sorry, that didn't work. I think I've worked it out now though.

Ruby said...

Hi Jane - lovely photos. I like the topiary in the second photo - am a bit of a topiary fan (since watching Edward Scissorhands, actually :-D). LOL @ rude joke illustrations!!!