Thursday, 25 September 2008

Breakfast by the River

I'm getting in to a routine of being at the library first thing. I chain my bike to railings not far from the above scene (yes, I know, for anyone who knows York, I've left myself quite a walk, but I'm still a bit of a wuss on my bike in traffic and prefer to stick to off road cycle paths where I can). I'm always sorely tempted to stop and have a 2nd breakfast here. Probably just as well that finances don't currently permit!
When this scene previously appeared on the blog, it was completely under water (20 Aug 2008). It also flooded again - and to a worse degree - more recently. But things seem to have dried out now, thank goodness.


Catofstripes said...

I would skip first breakfast to have second breakfast there!

jane said...

I wish more pubs/restaurants had gardens or seating by the river. It makes it far more special. Are there any in Suffolk you know of, Ruby? Any around Bury?

I've just read that second breakfasts are good for you. It's the second lunches and dinners on top of that that cause the problems.:-)

Hyde DP said...

Great to discover a DP from York - I look forward to more.

Ruby said...

CatofStripes - that sounds like an idea to me!

Jane, I can't think of any in Bury but then we only have the River Piddle there. I think the nearest you'll get in BSE is taking some deckchairs onto that bridge at Tesco, with a Thermos ;-) I'm glad second breakfasts are good for you. I rarely last out till lunch time!

Hi Gerald, nice to discover your blog too!

jane said...

Yes Gerald, more lovely photos for me to look at when I should be painting my fences!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could bicycle in closer to things and through traffic if you did it in the nude like those guys in the video you posted. Perhaps it's why they bike that way?

Second breakfasts are always good for you and eventually you learn that you can live without lunch.


Ruby said...

Wanda, hmmm, maybe I should join in next years naked cycle ride then, and do some body paint go faster stripes for good measure :-D