Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Ruby and the Viking Turd, Part 1.

My eldest son Erik, I have discovered, was once charged with showing York's famous fossilized turd to parties of school children.
We lived in Bury St Edmunds at the time, but Erik came up to York to do some of his work experience, in Year 11. He got a place as a guide/explainer at ARC, the York Archaeological Resource Centre, now called DIG. Among his duties, was the the job (no pun intended) of explaining to kids all about the Viking turd, then on display there. He was even responsible for the manufacture of scores of "I've held a Viking Poo" badges so they could purchase a souvenir of the experience.

"From what I can remember, the poo was done in a bin," said Erik. "The bin would have been like a pit in the ground, and the poo was preserved by the other things around it. Had he - or she - done it in a latrine, it would have been lost forever. Presumably, the person got caught short."

OMG, I have a family connection with the Viking turd!


jane said...

He needs a Title, I think. 'Keeper of the Viking Turd', or 'His Turdship'. His very own large badge to be worn at all times. :-)

I tell my own 13 yr-old that my purpose in life is to be a Very Embarrassing Mother. I like to think I'm moderately successful.

grumpyoldwoman said...

My nephew once owned a badge that proclaimed 'I caught crabs in Warberswick' - I would have given anything for that badge!

Ruby said...

Jane, don't encourage him. He has seen your message, approves, and is probably making himself an extra large turd keeper badge as we speak.

Grumps, LOL. Excellent badge. I thought I'd catch crabs last time I was in Southwold, but no luck. Maybe I didn't try hard enough :-D

jane said...

Where did he get that badge, grumps? I want one too! Mug him!

babooshka said...

This image as lured me. Firtly I blog from the isle of man, the viking connection second you made me laugh by showing an image with the word poo. W sell manx fairy poo here. You have just inspired me to find some.