Sunday, 21 September 2008

Sunday Brass Band

I've just been standing on Millenium Bridge, listening to this brass band. I can still hear them as I write, in fact, as the kitchen door is open and the notes are drifting across on the breeze. This event takes place every year apparently and is called "Praise on the Bridge," organised by York Churches Together. It's a half hour service, constisting mainly of favourite, traditional hymns.

I've missed seeing brass bands around the place.


Picklesmum said...

There were brass bands in Suffolk! My parents found some to drag me to when I was younger!

Ruby said...

I know there are some in Suffolk - but not as many as here. I saw one on Rougham Airfield at an event once though (that day I got lost in Rougham!) which was a nice surprise.

jane said...

I went to our local Harvest Festival and had lunch after amongst the gravestones! Suffolkites really know how to enjoy themselves.:-)

I didn't manage to get the whole church in!

No brass band though, it would have been good.

Ruby said...

I have to admit to feeling an I miss Suffolk pang on looking at that pic Jane. A very Suffolk church, and a very Suffolk idea to have a pic nic in the graveyard too :-D

Don't know what you could have had instead of brass band ... maybe that little chap in Bury who sometimes plays the accordion at the end of one of the alleys near Boots could have been persuaded to give you a tune!

jane said...

No! He's awful! He was playing outside HSBC last Saturday, he's moved!

There was a big expanse of empty pavement around him as people tried to avoid him. I have a horrible feeling I'm going to feel sorry for him if he's there again this Saturday and give him some money and then he will think I like his music!

MarkG said...

Ruby - with the mention of the bridge and hearing the sounds of the band from the park, are you anywhere near the Wellington Inn?

A lovely pub there, just like being in someone's house.

Ruby said...

Jane, be careful if you give money - make sure there's a getaway route. I was once trapped in conversation with said man for ages and couldn't get away!!

MarkG, I confess to not having heard of the Wellington Inn, but have just googled it and found it's on the opposite side of the river from where I live - a bike ride of a few minutes away across the Millenium Bridge. It sounds most interesting and I shall have to give it a visit.