Saturday, 20 September 2008

York Food Festival

The York Food Festival 2008 is in town. In the interests of good taste, mebbe I should postpone the aforementioned Viking series for a day or two :-D

I am actually quite excited about the festival. There's a definite party atmosphere in town, with lots happening. It's amazing to see the amount of food producers from Yorkshire there are at the Festival - culinary rich county or what! The pictured stall is obviously not a local one, but has come over from Germany. And the York Press was being very exotic tonight. I got a free big bag of Thai Sweet Chili Pringles when I bought mine from a stand by one of the food tents.

Only managed a quick jaunt to the Festival today though cos it's shed clearing out day (groan, awful, nasty, don't wanna do it) but I shall be back.


Picklesmum said...

Is that you in your profile picture? Doesn't look like you? Is it an imposter?

Ruby said...

Hi Picklesmum, it sure is me - about 3 yrs ago sitting on Holkham Bay beach. My hair was red and shorter than it is now.

jane said...

The sea is a lot colder up there, Ruby. I got the shock of my life when I tried to go in one summer. I swam off Holkham the other week and it was almost warm.

I thought it was a new look for a new start. You could do it again, couldn't you? It looks good.

Ruby said...

Hi Jane, I may well do it again. The only problem with bright red hair is that it clashes with lots of clothes. You couldn't wear something puple for example. Yep, the sea up here is colder and so it the climate, by a few degrees. We're already into autumn.