Saturday, 27 September 2008

Scary Soldiers

On Friday afternoon I walked round a practically empty York Castle Museum. Under normal circumstances I love the Castle Museum, but I have never been there before when it's so quiet. Empty, it is slightly creepy in parts. And in the room with the display above, I was actually scared. The figures are enclosed in a glass case, but they look like they would just smash through it and come an' getcha, given half a chance. And they look SO REAL!

"Our display shows a group of York soldiers gathered on Heworth Green, ready to join the army marching against the Scottish rebellion of 1570."

Heworth Green ... the Chinese/Fish and Chip Shop in Heworth was recommended to me earlier in the week. Imagine going to the chippy and seeing that lot loitering on a grass verge. Maybe modern day hoodies aren't too bad after all.


jane said...

I never felt threatened by hoodies. I was quite surprised when people started to complain about them. I just thought that teenagers are a self-conscious lot and how convenient hoodies were for the ones who were really shy!

The thought of kissing one of those beards...ugghhh

Ruby said...

Jane, why are you thinking about kissing these guys? How did that thought even occur? I'm all for the idea of a man in uniform but confess I hadn't thought about one in armour. With a big red beard :-D

I could perhaps be persuaded by the thought of a snog with a Roman soldier though - I think they were clean shaven with altogether lighter armour. Although they did wear skirts :-D

I know what you mean about the hoodies. And I certainly wouldn't want to kiss one of them. Too puny and pimply.

marley said...

Hi Ruby, I've just discovered your blog through the forum! I like your photos, its a nice blast from the past for me.

My gran lives in Leeds (I've got Northern roots!) and when we visited her when I was a boy, we used to visit York. I only get to go up North about once a year now to stay with my Gran (imagine a northern nan from the Catherine Tate Show and thats her!) so your blog will help me keep in touch with my northern roots! :)

Around the World said...

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grumpyoldwoman said...

whats all this talk of snogging! The 'men' in uniform in Moyses Hall in Bury St Edmunds and the voiceover with the terrible fake suffolk accent always gave me the creeps - and I never ONCE considered snogging them!

jane said...

It was just seeing so many of them with beards! I was just thinking, did all the men here of that time have beards? Did every woman of that era have to put up with having a filthy load of breakfast-infested facial hair shoved at her? Perhaps they didn't kiss at all?

Sorry. It's just me, then? lol

Ruby said...

Hi Marley - nice to meet you. York is always a good place to visit from Leeds. As a kid I often used to get to come across to go to the Castle Museum. Might be tempted to put a pic of Leeds on here one day soon - if that's not too naughty on a York DP :-)

Around the World - thanks for including me!

Grumps, the figures in Moyses are awful. Especially that one with a a dead looking cat by his side, that makes bad mewing noises. Snogging any of them would be all wrong.

Jane, I think it was probably quite a beardy era. I think perhaps they didn't kiss at all ... dental hygiene can't have been brilliant in the time period. I bet the odds are down on any of them having Macleaned their teeth recently ...