Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Naked Bike Riding, Anyone?

Today's photo is in fact a video, which I found on YouTube. I live very near the Millenium Bridge, and these cyclists are going across it at the start of the vid. Then they turn right and proceed into town down Terry Avenue, the same route I go on by bike just about every day. But the difference between me and most of these cyclists, is that I wear clothes when I go out on my bike ;-)

P.S. Check the screeches of horror at around 3.20 - 3.30 in the video. They happen as the cyclists are going past the gates to Rowntree Park, where there is a skate park / youth hang out. "AAAAAAARGH! LOOK AT THAT!"

Addendum: I've just found this, incase anyone is interested in knowing more - or indeed participating next year: World Naked Bike Ride UK.


jane said...

:O Why? Just, Why??

I feel very sorry for the child that is presumably riding in the little trailer. I'm not sure it's a view of my own mother that I would care to have imprinted on my psyche!

Ruby said...

LOL, first memories - Mummy's bum on a cycle seat.

I just showed this to Ruby Senior. She said "Look at that! They're all over the bridge, not respecting the cycle path at all!"
Ruby:"But what are they wearing?"
Ruby Senior(screwing eyes up):Well, I don't know.
Ruby: Look more closely.
Ruby Senior: Oh. Nothing.
(Silence as she takes in the scene)How silly! Look at that! They'll have to wipe their bike seats down after sitting on them naked!
Joiner: Morning!
Ruby Senior: Come in and look at this! (Ruby groans quietly to self) My daughter's just showing me a dreadful video on YouTube!
(Joiner sidles round dining room table and starts looking at laptop screen, where shiny white bums can be seen cycling past Rowntree Park.)
Ruby (sheepishly): It's a naked cycle ride on Terry Avenue - just round the corner from here. I found it on YouTube.
Joiner (eyes very wide as looks at naked cyclists): Well I never! By, you're a rum owd lot in York, aren't you. That'd never happen in Beverley where I live.
Ruby: It'd never happen in Bury St Edmunds where I used to live either. (Ruby privately thinks: But it so should happen in Bury. Best place ever to have a naked cycle ride. Right round the Abbey Gardens.)
Ruby Senior: Well, I suppose nudity isn't so bad when there's lots of people doing it all at once. There's something jolly about it then.
Joiner: Aye, not like that bloke who tried to walk naked from Land's End to John O'Groats. Did you hear about him? He kept getting arrested all the time.
Ruby Senior: Well yes, just one naked man could be seen as more threatening somehow.
Joiner: And just imagine if you were out walking and he were coming towards you. It'd seem like an age till he got past.
All: Ha ha ha ha!
Ruby Senior:Bet you didn't expect all this first thing in the morning, did you?
Joiner:Aye, and I bet you wouldn't have expected what you'd have seen if you'd gone for a walk when all that lot were cycling past, ha ha ha ha!

jane said...

Look on the bright side - it might have made you squirm, but I bet it brightened up his day. It certainly brightened up mine! I have 13 yr-old off sick today. I'm considering showing it to him. Then again he might feel worse if I do.

Patricia said...

All I can say is "OUCH". Hope they all have those cushy, extra wide seats. Not those hard, pointy seats !

Ruby said...

Jane, both my kids hated this video. My daughter squawked, pushed the laptop away, and didn't speak for ages.

Patricia, LOL. Mr Ruby saw this video today and ruled out ever doing a naked bike ride because of his bike seat shape. His bike also has a hole in the seat and he was worried what might erm ... fall down it!!