Friday, 19 September 2008

Out of the House

I don't like staying in all day to work. I concentrate better in a busy environment, with plenty happening and noise going on. So I like to go out, to somewhere lively, and I work there far more productively than at home.

The above photo was taken on my way to do just that. It's of one of the back streets I pass on the way to town, and the view cheers me even before I get to my chosen place to work. On this occasion, since I had something to research in the National Railway Museum, I decided to stay there, and set up camp at a cafe table.

I got loads done - although I was vaguely distracted by some of the train nerds - why do they all have ENORMOUS cameras? I was severely out-camera'd :-D Apart from that it was an excellent place to work and I'll go back soon.

And I'll be going somewhere else soon, as well. On a mission. I have decided to research the story of the Viking Turd ... stay tuned.


jane said...

This is a recipe for Atomic Buffalo Turds - I thought you could use it to celebrate on the day you finally get your hands on the other variety!

And this is a close-up of the topiary you liked yesterday. They are dragons.

Liam Wilkinson said...

Ruby, I'm loving your blog! We have a beautiful city right here, don't we?! Carry on clickin...

Ruby said...

Jane, I wonder if the Atomic Buffalo Turds recipe would go down well at the York Food Festival? Maybe I should adapt it to Atomic Viking Turds and see what happens?! :-D I do like the dragon topiary and I bet that horn on its head would be so easy to chop off when pruning!!

Hi Liam, glad you like the blog, and yes, I love being back in York :-)

Andy said...

your lovely views may be delightful but please let me assure you these ''snickets'' are not so great everywhere! I live near Rowntree's adjacent from my house is the cycle track, from my bedroom window all I can see is tree's, you'd actually be forgiven for thinking you were somewhere other than 10 mins walk from the city, but below that we have north yorkshire's rat squadron to add to this we're not allowed wheelie bins so our snicket is like a scene from black hawk down!

Ruby said...

Hi Andy, eek, rats?! I haven't seen any here yet but I'm not surprised with the Rowntree Park part of town being so near the river. It's weird not being allowed wheelie bins - we aren't either, and keep the rubbish in a bin bag outside the kitchen door. The main problem is with cats, who smell food in the bags and come scavenging.

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