Saturday, 4 October 2008

Autumn Fruits in Little Betty's

My favourite shop window display in York at the moment is in Little Betty's, on Stonegate. Betty's is a very famous, widely celebrated cafe/cake shop in York, with other branches around Yorkshire too. I love the main shop opposite Borders, and have a very nice blog friend who works there :-) I also love Little Betty's. Walking in Little Betty's is like walking back in time.

The above marzipan fruits etc from the current window display look so autumnal and are just the sort of thing that makes me love this season - I was pretty much brought up to associate the time with creating, hoarding, and getting excited about festivities to come. At some point, I think I need to have a celebratory autumnal visit to the cafe upstairs in Little Betty's rather than just looking at the lovely things is the window.


jane said...

Someone bought me a Betty's mug as a birthday present once, loved it, but my daughter has stolen it! I loved Betty's but the queues can be horrific, especially at the big Betty's. It's worth the wait though. I've never been upstairs at Little Betty's, although I've been downstairs at the big one.

The queues in Borders for a coffee can be just as bad around Christmas time. Avoid going there for a drink. I ended up sitting on the stairs with all my shopping around me and a tray balanced on my lap. I was just too tired to walk further and try anywhere else!

Tanya said...

Wow, she's incredibly talented!

Ruby said...

Jane, I managed to bypass the queue in Betty's last time I was there as there were more spaces available for 2s, than big groups, hooray! But as you say, yes, worth the wait. Your Christmas visit to Borders sounds dreadful and I can identify with it. I often used to end up squashed in a corner on the floor somewhere at Burger King Cambridge on Saturdays. Horrid!

Hi Tanya - indeed. I'm not sure who the original Betty was, but I'm sure she has plenty of helpers these days! Just as well - she gets a lot of visitors.

mel said...

Great pic, Ruby, but pop back later this week, Hallowe'en starts on Thursday!

As for who Betty was - no-one seems able (or willing) to tell, though there are plenty of theories.

Mel x