Friday, 31 October 2008

Spooky Trees

Mad pollarding in York, by Skeldergate Bridge.

Mad pollarding in Bury St Edmunds, by the Norman Tower.

I always think there's something a bit otherwordly about severely pollarded trees. So I thought this would be a good post to do for Halloween. And the Bury St Edmunds photo was taken in the Great Churchyard.

Ruby is in Bury St Edmunds for the week, where she formerly lived and blogged. This post is part of a series to run until her return to York, comparing the two towns.


Yorkshire Soul said...

My neighbours pollarded their boundary trees at the start of this year, I thought they were going to be rather sparse and bare all year but it was surprising just how much greenery they put on in the spring and summer.

Tanya said...

They do look a bit spooky! Happy Halloween :)

marley said...

Very spooky, all thats missing are the bats and swirling mist. Happy halloween :)

lunarossa said...

Yes, they look rather spooky especially at night! Nice comparison, perfect for Halloween. Just back from trick-or-treating, frozon to the bones! Ciao.Antonella

babooshka said...

So gohtic. They are just too spooky.

Ruby said...

Yorkshire Soul, great to see you on my new blog!

Antonella, I also got frozen solid trick or treating last night - we were out for an hour and a half, but came back with huge sacks of booty!!

Thanks for your comments all and Happy Halloween!