Wednesday, 8 October 2008

A newsagents on Stonegate

A newsagents like they used to be, on Stonegate. I like this shop. Like quite a few shops in York, it's just a proper independent shop. It doesn't consciously try to be one, but it carries on the tradition of the way these kind of places have always been. I admit to being a bit of a Borders fan, and I like WHSmiths as well, for the sheer variety of things they have in there. But shops like this make me remember my childhood, and the very similar place in Leeds I walked past on my way home from school - where I would often stock up on penny bubblies, get a quarter of Yorkshire mixture, and buy my favourite comics. Worth nipping in to support them by buying a paper and a mag whenever I can, I reckon.


mark said...

Like the new York blog! Lots of little indie shops to support up here. I also like the Little Apple Bookshop on High Petergate. They do a lot of signed books. PS If you're still looking to hang out with people who know BSE and York drop me a line at mail dot mark at gmail dot com. I've lived in both for almost 20 years each (in York now obviously.)
Blog at See ya!

Wayne said...

These shops have a certain feel, and even smell about them. To me they seem especially inviting on wet cold days.

agramolasands said...

Hi Ruby, I love this little shop. Unfortunately there are so few left around like this. We should support them as much as we can to prevent the big stores taking over our lives. Foggy start today, but it might get better. All the best. Ciao. Antonella

Ruby said...

Hi Mark - I shall have to visit the Apple bookshop - sounds good. Will be in touch very soon, thanks for giving me a nudge about that.

Hi Wayne, yes, newsagents have a very distinctive smell. I love the smell of new magazines when I've just bought one, lol.

Hi Antonella, I love foggy mornings - but golden autumn sumshine is nice too and that's what we've got now this afternoon - lovely!

Craig Wilson said...

Reminds of when I lived in Exeter, Devon and used to go to the shop on a Saturday morning to buy my Transformers comics - back when Transformers were in their Cartoon form :) Great nostalgic feel to this. You don't get shops like this one in Cape Town!