Tuesday, 28 October 2008


"I know, having visited York, that you come away thinking nice Minster - shame about the toilets'." Richard Chisnell, Director of the British Toilet Association.

Above is Splash Palace - as York's Public Conveniences are known locally. I've always thought they were OK as far as public toilets go, but apparently no-one else agrees. So this building in Parliament Street will be flattened next year and the debate is on as to what, if anything, should be built in its place. An opportunity to showcase what the town has to offer there, thinks the York Tourist Board. Whereas others think it will open up the town centre if nothing is there. New public toilets will be round the corner near Newgate Market.
On to toilets in Bury St Edmunds. Where do I start? Here is a town where there is major toilet trouble. The old main public loos were knocked down as part of a project to build a new shopping centre. New temporary loos were set up in portakabins, right next to where building work is going on, meaning there is now quite a hike from Bury's current town centre to go to the lav. This has caused lots of complaints, and dissatisfaction that the council is effectively moving the town centre from its age old location to where the new shopping development is. Toilets are but one aspect of that particular story.

Ruby is in Bury St Edmunds for the week, where she formerly lived and blogged. This post is part of a series to run until her return to York, comparing the two towns.


Tash said...

Gotta love a town that places the toilet sign in such a prominent spot. Great post. Wish you a lovely autumn.

lunarossa said...

Hi Ruby, I did not know that they are going to flatten the toilet building!!! I think the toilets inside are ghastly (only used them once when my daughter was desperate) but I do not mind the building in itself. Well, I just hope they are not building another Starbucks or Pizza Hut!!! Take care. Very cold and frosty here! Ciao. Antonella

jane said...

Ruby! What about the lovely award-winning loos in the Abbey Gardens? How could you forget them? Even Winchester doesn't have loos as posh as they are!

Wayne said...

I can't help wondering what sort of blunder a person has to make in their career to end up as Director of the British Toilet Association.

I'm pretty sure there is no Canadian Toilet Association.

On the other hand, you can't have too many public conveniences. I know where most of them are in Vancouver.

Jackie said...

I'm with Wayne on this one - what sort of career path ends with the BTA directorship? I wonder if the careers advisor at school suggested it to him?

Thanks for commenting on my post yesterday. Yes, you were right - Alba is indeed Gaelic for Scotland.

Tanya said...

Ahhh, toilet trouble. They should be happy they don't have to use port-a-potties, now those are just downright nasty!

Ruby said...

Jane, I do indeed remember the Abbey Gardens loos and visited them only yesterday!

Wayne, yes, it did cross my mind as I was writing that job title down that it sounded rather comedic.

Jackie - make a good talking point at parties though. "What do you do?" "I'm the director of the British Toilet Association."

Tanya, yes, a big yah boo hiss to porta loos. I only use when absolutely desperate!

Catofstripes said...

Bonjour Ruby

Je voudrais parler franglais chez "living in Bury St Edmunds" mais il n'y a pas des comments fields.

Tu es tres brave pour aller ou you used to live, comme ca. Bravo!

alors the captcha is zested. Someone at google is having a rire at my expense, I keep getting really silly ones.