Sunday, 19 October 2008

Swing in Davygate

There was a bit of swing going on this afternoon on Davygate. In the mood, na na na na naaaah! Not that they played that (when I was listening) but it reminded me of that a bit.

In the background is St Helen's Graveyard (a little bit of preserved graveyard off Davygate) and you can see the copy of the painting "Lady Cockburn and her three eldest sons" by Sir Joshua Reynolds, part of The Grand Tour in York.

To follow on from my last post, I had a really good time at the Pig and Pastry by the way, and met a very interesting new friend :-) The Pig and Pastry might become a regular haunt - rather good, and not at all far from the new chez Ruby.


Gail's Man said...

I know people might like to blow their own trumpet now and again, but to have two blog pages with the same photo on is a bit much!

Picklesmum said...

Aw, saxophones. Picklessister has given up lessons on saxophone at school ( a village rejoices), shame though cos she was quite good really.

Hilda said...

This is the second blog I've been to today which made me wish it was easy to put audio on blogs!

Sounds like a lot of fun and their ruby shirts are lovely with those gold-colored saxophones!

Ruby said...

LOL Gails man! With the help of CDP I have sorted out the problem!! Now the only trumpet blowing is in the photo!

Picklesmum - aw, tis a shame indeed. Who knows, maybe she'll go back to it a bit later.

Hilda, yes, with street performers I always think a video would be better. Unfortunately my camera doesn't do vid! Thanks - I liked the colours which is one of the reasons I chose to take this shot.