Saturday, 25 October 2008

Ticket to Ride

I have a ticket to ride, ladies and gentlemen.

This afternoon, I shall be boarding a train at York Railway Station with my 3 children (although one of them is no longer a child) and heading back to Bury St Edmunds for half-term week.

Bury St Edmunds is where I lived for 11 years. Most people in York haven't heard of it, so I explain that if the map of Great Britain looks like a witch riding a pig, with Cornwall as the pig's trotter, and Wales as its head, then the pig's arse is East Anglia. Bury St Edmunds is somewhere in the middle of the arse. I shall be there until next Sunday night.

Throughout the week, I shall be running a series of photographs which compare York, where I now live, to Bury St Edmunds.


Bury Boy said...

Ops may have been a mistake to compare the centre of the known world, with the rear end of a pig. ( thats some where in norfolk) great yarmouth comes to mind. If you fail to return to York we will check out eddies statue, and the monument to the last woman to "rubbish" our little town. You know the one, as you enter the great churchyard, behind the Norman tower.

Antonella said...

Hi Ruby, ah ah love your geographical explanation! I'm sure Bury is a lovely town, it looks really interesting from your photos. Have a great time and relax! Ciao Antonella

Abraham Lincoln said...

Ruby, you got the wildest head of hair I ever saw. If it is natural you have indeed been blessed. If not natural, you sure have a 'thing' for picking the right color.

I am 74 years old -- today is my birthday.

I got so caught up in what I wanted to say that I forgot what this post is about. Oh, yes...

a ticket. said...

amazing geographical explanation :)
It took some time to understand where is the pig, and where is the witch :D

This picture show the pig head understandable :)

Jackie said...

Enjoy your time down south. I loved your explanation of East Anglia (I'm from Northamptonshire so we often holidayed on the Norfolk coast, and had to endure "Look East" after the news).

Ruby said...

Bury Boy, I may well get run out of town, I know. Which would at least make an interesting blog post ;-)

Antonella, thanks, am looking forward to it loads. See you on my return.

My hair colour on the photo was done a couple of years ago (not natural, I'm afraid!) and was at the end of summer. I always used to like having red in it for autumn. Maybe I secretly think I'm a tree., thanks for the map. It's exactly what was needed to illustrate the explanation.

Jackie, thanks. I used to watch Anglia news when I was in Bury. There's a bloke on it with great hair, and you never know which hairstyle he'll have :-D

Geraldo Maia said...

Hello Ruby,
It is a great pleasure to visit your nice and interesting blog for the first time.
Best wishes from Brazil:

jo said...

Hee Hee! You're coming to Bury for the week & I'm off to Yorkshire! But not on the train so I won't be able to wave to you as we pass! Enjoy your visit - looking forward to the photos!


Ruby said...

Hi Geraldo, thanks for visiting!

Jo, shame you'll be heading in the other direction - I was hoping I might catch the Bounty Hounds in action - oh well, another time!

OK, better stop blogging now and get ready for the taxi, arriving shortly to take us to the station!

Bounty Hounds said...

Hi Ruby,
The Bounty Hounds are actually playing at the Weeping Willow in Barrow next Saturday (1st Nov). Our original drummer is depping for one gig only and it'd be great to see you if you fancy popping along ; )

Snapper said...

Took a few clicks but I found the pig's arse on a cybermap. Enjoy your trip and I look forward to the photos. Cheers from BC

marley said...

Enjoy your half term trip to the middle of the pigs arse!

Wayne said...

The ticket (NOT LONDON) seems to imply that there are basically two routes in the UK, London, and everywhere else? NOT LONDON, almost seems like mild insult.

York station has lots of atmosphere.


Wahay - as I'm writing this I know you're back in Bury...Welcome back Rubes, can't wait to see you :-D x

Gail's Man said...

Hi Ruby, have a great time in BSE. It's not a town I've visited yet, but I quite like East Angular, as certain people might say!

Ruby said...

Jo, I thought I remembered reading details of a gig which I had in the back of my mind to mention to Mr Ruby to see if we can go - shall do so, would love to see you play!

Snapper - glad you found the pig's arse. The witch on a pig idea is an essential concept for appreciating the geography of the UK.

Marley, thanks, I shall indeed enjoy.

Wayne, yes, the NOT LONDON in capitals stands out and does seems like a mild insult. I think it means I can take any route from York to Bury I want as long as its not via London. Why?!

AMA, am comin ta see ya!!!

Gailsman, East Angular ... aha, I know of people who say that. I wonder if you know the same ones ...