Thursday, 9 October 2008

Big Fish

It was misty in York this morning. I had a perfect idea for a misty photograph to post, but could I be bothered to go out into the cold morning with my camera? Could I heck. Bad blogger, Ruby! In fact I've been having a bit of an "I wish it was the weekend and I really can't be arsed to do anything" day.

I have cheered up now though, having forced myself to get a few things done, and just having eaten a nice smoked salmon sandwich for lunch. That's not related to the picture above, by the way - in case you were thinking I might suddenly launch into something like: "At the fish farm this week ... " ;-)

The picture is in fact another one from this weekend, when we visited Burnby Hall Gardens in Pocklington. We were all feeling a bit tired when we arrived, having just spent three hours at the hockey tournament, but the sight of all these huge, very tame fish in the lake cheered us up instantly. Especially the kids, who were feeding them (tubs of fish food are available for £1).

There's definitely something a bit magical about Burnby Hall and Gardens. It's like a setting for fairy stories or something. Wanna go back there soon. But in the meantime I have the thought of a return visit to another very special place to keep me occupied. The countdown has begun. 16 days before a week's holiday in Bury St Edmunds :-D It's going to feel strange going back as a visitor.


Tanya said...

That's always so fun, fish feeding! Enjoy your trip back. I haven't been back home since we left in 2001! Would be really strange to go back as a tourist for sure!

Hyde DP said...

I don't think I've ever been to Burnby Hall. Charging punters a pound to feed their own fish seems a bit rich to me!

Belgrade Daily Photo said...

I love fish, they are so much more intelligent than one might think.

Picklesmum said...

I hate fish.
I am so scared of big fish.

jane said...

You wouldn't like to be around my son then. A friend has some huge fish in her pond. My son takes his socks off and lets them nibble his toes.

agramolasands said...

Scary fish, Ruby! I've heard of a new kind of pedicure with small fish swimming around your feet and massage them, but I bet that these 'monsters' would bite them off! Ciao. Antonella

fourpints said...

Say Hi to Bury for me.
Eat some chips behind woolies.
point at the pineapple in discust.

added a link to your blog btw.

speak soon


Ruby said...

Tanya - where are you from originally? That's a long time to be away from home for!!

Gerald, yes, it did occur to me that I was paying to feed their fish, but at least the kids enjoyed it!

BDP - hi and thanks for dropping by - I love your blog, your photos are fantastic!

Picklesmum - this is a piece of new information. I had no idea! (*Ruby plans evily to buy Pickle a goldfish :-D)

Jane, I quite like the idea of that, I'm not sure why. Or is it a bit pervy. Don't tell Fergie, she'll get a big pond full ;-)

Antonella, really? I should try and find out where does it and give it a try. Although yes, these guys look a bit scary.

Hiya Dave, cheers for the link. I shall certainly say hi to Bury from you. It'll be dead weird going back - or maybe I'll feel like I've never been away. Am missing the old haunts, I must say.