Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Camera Date at the Castle Museum

On Friday I made a date with my camera and went to York's Castle Museum.

My camera is a Nikon D50 - a beginner's digital SLR. I've always used it on automatic. Why? Well, sort of because:
a) I initially found it quite big and intimidating after years of little point and click cameras
b) you can get passable results just using it on automatic
and c) because I have a mental block about anything too technical.

Anyway, on Friday I sat in the Museum grounds by the old mill, put down my writing notes, and tentatively plucked a daisy growing on the ground beside me as a subject for my first manual endeavours. After about half an hour of reading my camera manual, I figured out how to override auto-focus and I focused on the daisy myself!! Whoo-hooo! The result is above. Only an OK photo, but the sense of acheivement was quite huge.

Next camera date, I shall be overriding something else - wonder what?!


Frankie / Nick said...

Now that is absolutely excellent! Very well worth the extra effort you went through. I love it and might have to try your route myself one of these days.

Tanya said...

I think you did great and I love the sweet little daisy sitting on the paper also works splendidly for theme day!

Hyde DP said...

that is a brilliant macro - I really must try and master the technique myself.

Ruby said...

Thanks Frankie and Nick. The results have inspired me to finally learn more about my camera!

Hi Tanya, I didn't know about theme day for the City Photo blogs till after I'd posted this, so it's a great coincidence about the lines theme!!

Thanks Gerald. I don't have a macro lens so I was surprised to be able to focus in this close - didn't know I could!

babooshka said...

Anyone who stops by my blog knows I'm always urging them to try the manual.
This is excellent.

I'm looking fot that fairy poo. Either the joke shop or a passing dog is is going to substitue.

Olivier said...

un vrai poème cette photo, j'adore.

a real poem this picture, I love.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the camera made the trip oop the A1 ok.
What's the coffee like?

(Mr Bean)


Hi Rubes (almost said eh up me flower) that's a gorgeous piccie. Lots of love, K x

Ruby said...

Babooshka, you mean there's no fairy poo at the bottom of your garden? I would have thought that would go with the territory in the Isle of Man ;-)

Hi Mr Bean, the coffee's great up here. I think you should visit again soon. We have good fishing too ;-)

AMA. nice to see you over here. I thought you might like my daisy pic. I shall be trying for poppies when they're out again next year, too. xx

Selima said...

Thanks for writing this.