Monday, 6 October 2008

A Grotesque Old Woman

One of the things I'm enjoying about the The Grand Tour in York, is that sometimes there has been a cleverly fitting, or even ironically fitting choice of location for the paiting.

"The Grand Tour" consisits of reproductions of priceless, famous paintings, hanging all around the city, and was a joint project between York Art Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery, London.

Here we have "A Grotesque Old Woman" by Massys (1465 - 1530), and we are told about the painting that "it was probably intended to satirise old women who try inappropriately to recreate their youth." The location is - slap bang between two York beauty salons on Grape Lane.

You gotta larf :-D


Abraham Lincoln said...

That painting is adorable. It reminds me that I have one hair on my nose I forgot to pull.

I like your profile picture too. That hair is so elegant it is beautiful. I really mean that as a compliment.

agramolasands said...

Hi Ruby, I've found you through the Torino Daily Photo! I'm Italian but I live just outside York. Love your pictures. I think they really capture the essence of our beautiful city. All the best.
Ciao. Antonella

jane said...

I love that picture! It reminds me of a Tenniel drawing of the Duchess in Alice through the Lokking Glass. Perhaps he plagiarised?

I shall be that woman when I get old. I might ditch the headwear, though. I'll get a blond wig.

A said...

Hi Ruby,
I am in love with your a Yorkshire girl living far away it is making me dream of York.

Tanya said...

Oh my gosh, I love this! Too funny!

Wayne said...

She's kinda cute. The painting is memorable and I'm quite sure I've seen the original in York or London. Cleavage tends to get burned into my brain, apparently no matter how hideous it may be.

I think the tour is a clever idea. Thanks Ruby.

BTW, you asked earlier when I was in York. It was about 8 years ago. I'm overdue to a visit to England.

Bury Boy said...

Ruby, it reminds me of a spitting image version of Norman Tebbitt.

Ruby said...

Hi Abraham - thank you for the compliment!!

Hi Antonella and thanks for visiting. Nice to know a fellow Yorkie is looking in.

Jane, I may join you. Being old is the time to look outrageous, I reckon ;-)

Hi a, nice to meet you - thanks for visiting from far away from home :-)

Thanks Tania - whoever designed the exhibition layout certainly knows how to choose a good spot.

Wayne, let me know if you'll be visiting York if you come again - we'll meet for a cuppa :-)

Hi Bury Boy - I remember the one, LOL, you're right!!

Kala said...

Gosh, that looks like me in the morning right before work! Lovely

MrsDanvers said...

Hi Ruby, thanks fro the link. I was working in York last Monday and Tuesday and saw some of the paintings in the Museum gardens walking from hotel to office.
I thought they were to do with the museum and didn't realise they were all over the City.

As a regular traveller to York from the Fens (usually a day trip for work) it's nice to get to know more of York from your blog.

GrandAnglais said...

Pardon me for intruding on your blog but having seen this painting now for the second time I feel I have to comment. Bury Boy said it reminds him of Norman Tebbit. To me it looks just like a certain former jug-eared labour Prime know the one I mean?
I thought it was some kind of satirical caricature, because I'd seen it first on "Have I got News For You".
Or am I mad??

Ruby said...

Kala, aargh! Surely not!

Mrs Danvers, thanks for visiting. Well next week I'll be doing your journey in the opposite direction - on a train ride via the fens back to Bury St Edmunds for the week!

Grandanglais, ha ha, I see what you mean. It also looks a bit like ... dare I say it, Prince Philip - dresing up in the Queen's clothes!!