Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The man who wasn't Anthony Worrall Thompson

I don't know many people in York. Not many at all. In fact, outside of my family, I know only four other people so far.

Coming to live in York after my eleven years in Bury St Edmunds is bizarre, in ways I had never imagined. In Bury St Edmunds I knew a lot of people, and if I didn't know them, I very often knew them by sight. It was that kind of town. In York, I never see a familar face. Just recently, however, a strange phenomenon has begun to occur - I keep thinking I see people I know. Everywhere.

Today on King's Staith, for example, I was sure I saw the man from the Waterstone's Bury St Edmunds children's book department. He was leaning against the railings, talking on his mobile phone. I was all ready to run up to him, shouting, "Hello! Hello! What are you doing here?" but then I got nearer and it wasn't him at all. And I have lost count of the number of times I've thought I've seen Hoffy, and other people from around Bury. It's as though my brain expects me to see people I know, and is compensating by making strangers look familiar.

And then there are the celebrities. I saw Eddie Baird from Amazing Blondel in town the other day (wasn't him, pity) and at Little J's hockey match on Sunday, one of the dads, for a few marvellous moments, appeared to me as Anthony Worrall Thompson (above). Imagine that! "Ruby, come and eat this specially prepared Sunday lunch with all the trimmings ..." How 'bout YES!

I think I need to start getting to know more people in York ;-)


Catofstripes said...

He will cook for you, AWT, you know. Google for him. I think his prices start at about £1000 for eight but that's at your own house and everything.

Wouldn't bother myself.

The seeing people you know but they're strangers bit is a part of mourning. I hope you're not too sad at leaving Bury.

jane said...

I agree with catofstripes, rubes. I've been here for nearly a year and have only just stopped seeing 'lookalikes'.

I think you need to join a club. I think morris dancing should fit the bill nicely, it's free and keeps you fit. Just ignore all the teasing, you know it makes sense!


I was there watching in the crowd! I lost my son. He joined a morris group and danced away up the hill with them! As he was 11 at the time his father was mortified.

Antonella said...

Ciao Ruby, this is interesting...I keep on bumping into Andrew Dunn (Dinnerladies, Holby City and lately Corrie), so if you see him around he not as lookalike! Just a tip for you as you are rather "new" in York. You can drink the best cappuccino in York (and area) in La Bottega delle Langhe, The Old Coach House, Peasholme Green (opposite the MAF buildings). Nice cakes and croissant and lovely lunches if you really want to push the boat...Ciao. Antonella

Anonymous said...

I think you'll find it's Antony (sic);)

Ruby said...

Cat of Stripes, really?? I don't think I'd bother either for £1000. For half that amount I net you could get someone far more interesting to cook you dinner. I guess I am sad at leaving Bury in many ways. Back there at half term though!

Jane, ah, the power of the Morris. That would sort me out. Very nice vid btw with all sorts of dancers - a surprise each time the next group comes along. My rhythm isn't brilliant and nor is my coordination - I could well end up clacking someone round the head with a stick. Maybe I'll give it a go and stick to hankies.

Hi Antonella, I shall look out for Andrew Dunn then! And I'll certainly check out your recommendation for a good cappucino.

Hello Anon - it seems you are right, it is indeed Antony, thank you.

Tanya said...

LOL, very funny! I do this all the time, mostly it's because it's my daughters fault. She's always saying to me "there's so and so" and once recently she said, while we were pulling out of the gas station, "there's so and so's mom" so I honked and waved frantically like this was my long lost friend and they looked at me like I had lost it, about that time Ashlyn says "oh, that wasn't them" lol.

Saretta said...

That has happened to me every time I've moved to a new place. So, perhaps it's a common phenomenon. Either that or we're both weird in the same way! ;.)

Picklesmum said...

I always think I see people after they have died! Or maybe I just 'see dead people'. Strange.
Wouldn't pay AWT tuppence to cook for me. He's a twit!

Gail's Man said...

He looks more like Bernard Hill, the actor who played Yosser Hughes in Boys from the Blackstuff.

Ruby said...

Tanya, ha ha ha - well you just might have made the other person's day though, to think someone was being so friendly!!

Saretta, I'm glad to hear it's not only me! Must be something common I reckon - it's happening to me too much for all the instances to be coincidental!

Picklesmum, yes, so do I. Or I expect to see them at any minute. That state of affairs persisted with me for about 3 years after my grandmother's death, it was very strange.

Don't tell Erik you hate AWT. For some reason I can't fathom, he thinks the man's a hero.

Gail's Man, ha ha, I bet the poor bloke gets people asking him for autographs all the time - he's just a lookalike, full stop!! (Mr Ruby said Mike Gatting, lol, don't know why he thought that!)

Anonymous said...

Waitrose do AWT onion gravy. Did it for my lads once - and after two hours of cooking a great roast, they left most of it cos 'the gravy tastes pants, dad'.
Thanks Antony.
(Mr Bean)

Patricia said...

Don't feel bad Ruby - I can't tell you how many times I've seen George Clooney in my little town in Ohio !! Must be serious WISHFUL THINKING !!!

Picklesmum said...

I hate all tv chefs actually. Maybe except Phil Vickery. The rest are just so patronising. Don't get me started on that Jamie Oliver....

Ruby said...

Hi Mr Bean. So AWT can't even make good gravy. Maybe it's just as well it wasn't him on Sunday, offering to make me a Sunday dinner. As far as gravy goes, Bisto's best in my experience :-)

Patricia, ha ha ha, that's a definite case of wishful thinking!

Picklesmum, I quite fancy Jamie Oliver, actually. (*blushes*)

Kala said...

That was an interesting personal account of your experience in York. It does seem a bit odd, aye? That you start seeing ppl you think are who you think they are but then they are not. I had that moment yesterday at a beach - thinking a woman i saw was the woman from Sex in the City but tas I got closer, she kept smiling at me and then I wondered, does she know me or I know her or does she just like to smile because smiling makes a person more attractive? Smiles!