Thursday, 23 October 2008

Ruby and the Open Door in the Shambles

Open doors are irresistible. They are just asking you to go through them.

And so it was that I came upon an open door a few buildings down from 12 Shambles.

I went through it, and followed the staircase up, with pictures of film stars watching me all the way. At the top was a landing and then another staircase with more film stars. Up again. First there was a hairdresser's, then some offices. Up a few stairs, down a few stairs, along another corridor. And then I met a nice man who has a therapy practice at the top of the building and he let me have a look at the room where he works.

I entered through the doorway pictured above at number 15, but by the time I was in the therapy room on the top floor, I was above number 19. It could have been a room like this where Gails Man's great-great grandfather, William Riley lived in the 1880s, as the building above 19 is similar to the one above number 12. Although I suspect the decor would have been quite different.

What I love about this room is the fact that the windows are almost the same height as the wall itself. Imagine having a bed by them. The view through William's window could have been very much like the view through this one. Only with quite a lot of butcher-y things going on down in the street below. Here's the view as it is today:


Gail's Man said...

Great to see the inside of one of the little buildings. I've often wondered what it would be like. Very crampt i should imagine with small rooms and lots of people.

Ruby said...

Thanks Gail's man. After doing this I think I could become a Shambles enthusiast - it's a fascinating street.

I was looking at pictures of the street in the late 1880s today on the Imagine York website - well worth a browse if you haven't already.

Tanya said...

What a great post Ruby and I've enjoyed this Shambles series. Great photos as well. :)

jane said...

I love that last photo, a real fly on the wall scene.

I love the shambles too, I always went to them and to the market while I was in town. There was a lovely little cafe/restaurant I used to go to for paninis, really uneven floors and when you went up the stairs to go to the loo you leant backwards! Coming back down was worse as you were pitched forwards.

GrandAnglais said...

Great pics, you're really quite intrepid aren't you? I understand the temptation of open doors, even if you don't know whre they're leading. What was the therapy, out of interest?
I love photography but I often feel uncomfortable taking pictures, it seems to arouse suspicion in a lot of people.

Hilda said...

What fun! You are so much braver than me — I wouldn't go exploring in an unknown building all by myself. But I think that's a reflection of what Manila is like too.

I love the wrought-iron chandeliers over the landings! And those wooden beams in the bedroom — gorgeous!

The entire street seems to be a very charming place. Thanks for a wonderful tour!

Ruby said...

Thanks Tanya - some more series coming up soon!

Jane, the market is really nice, nestled away. I plan to do some exploring there soon.

Grandanglais, Shambles is a good place to be with a camera as everyone there is just used to being photographed at every minute of the day. Believe me there are other places I'd love to get my camera out but don't always dare.
It was a skeleto-muscular therapist's up there. He was just on his way out to lunch betweeen clients, which is how I got to have a peek in!

Hilda, glad you enjoyed the tour, and yes, it was a great staircase which I found just tooo enticing!

agramolasands said...

Hi Ruby, Wonderful pictures! I love the Shambles, but it is usually too busy as it is also so narrow you have to "fight" your way through it! You must have been there at the crack of dawn!!! All the best Ciao. Antonella

Ruby said...

Believe it or not, it was lunch time. Luckily for me there seems to have been a bit of a lul in visitor numbers. Was back in town today though and they are out in force!