Friday, 3 October 2008

Bits of the Minster #2

What a lot of clever people got it right. It is indeed the Minster that you see when you come out of the Shared Earth shop and look left. I avoided putting down the Shared Earth shop address in my last post, 1 Minster Gates, incase it made it too obvious, but it was anyway :-D !
Technically speaking, it's only a bit of the Minster that you can see, so this photo fits in nicely to my Bits of the Minster series! On the top left in the photo, you can see the Shared Earth shop sign. The shop jutting out there on the right is an antiquarian book shop which I intend to go and visit sometime soon. Ruby Senior has a couple of antique books on the shelves here gathering dust, so we're going to take them in and see if the bookseller is interested. On the bin in the foreground is a poster advertising the York Ghost Tours. I've never been on one, but that's another thing to do at some point - there are lots of ghost stories associated with York. And at the top right of the picture you can see a signpost indicating the way to the Museum Gardens, and the National Railway Museum. Things to blog another day.


MarkG said...

I can't remember which of the York ghost tours I went on, but it was really good. It was a more factual tour rather than the actor led ones - it left from bootham bar area I think. I'd like to try one of the others too.

A good time of year now for them - nice and dark in the evenings.

jane said...

Do go on one! I always wanted to get home when I was there, I had a bit of a drive, and never went on one. You can tell us all about it.

Wayne said...

I almost never go on those hokey tours but I went on one in York. It left from the plaza in front of the museum. The tour went in to at least one building very near the museum but I don't recall which one but it had a ghost story connected with it.

What I remember is that York in the daytime is very different from York at night when the tourists have gone home.

Here in BC Victoria is a very tourist oriented city. At night you could shoot a cannon down most streets and not hit anyone.

Ruby said...

Hi MarkG, yes, we're definitely getting in to ghostly season, as Halloweed approacheth, lol. I fancy trying a factual tour as I think there is quite a lot of compelling evidence about ghosts in York. An actor led tour would be fun though ... what to choose!!

Hi Jane. I shall defintely be going on one. All I have to decide is whether it will be before or after I've visited the Viking Poo ...!!!

Hi Wayne - when were you in York? You're right that it is different at night when the tourists have gone. I am just starting to get to grips with the different faces of York. It was always essentially a very Northern working class town, and that still shows at night to some extent. Big changes have been brought about by the addition of a university here in the 60s and also by the tourism, which is a relatively new thing that happened last century only.