Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Ruby's Morning Bus Ride #1 - The Knavesmire

Every morning at 8.15 I leave the house with my youngest son to catch the number 11 bus to his school. Looking out for familiar landmarks has become a ritual.

First is the Knavesmire on the edge of the racecourse (pictured above), where in the cold weather we sometimes see kids skidding across the ice, because the middle of the Knavesmire is waterlogged and frozen over. Public executions once took place here (urgh!) - the most notorious person to be hanged on the Knavesmire being Dick Turpin.

Next is Terry's chocolate factory, then St Chad's church where there is an unpleasant statue above the door, which I think is of a holy person but looks like a giant insect, and I am frightened of it.

Knavesmire School is next, then Terry's again from a different angle, then a long expanse of road going past York Crematorium, York College of Law and the Bustardthorpe Allotment Association, whose name makes me laugh (I have a mature sense of humour).

The most exciting place of all is last, just before we get off - photo tomorrow.


L. said...

Well, now that you have talked about the insect-like statue, I think we definitely need a photo of that!

Ruby said...

Ha ha, I wondered if someone might say that. Well, I took a photo of him this morning. He's coming up soon!

lunarossa said...

Yes, Ruby, we definetely want to see the photo of the statue in St Chad's church...I like the Knavesmire, it's lovely to look at all that green around it. And i like it when the races are on, so colourful. Ciao. A.

Ruby said...

Yes, I like the Knavesmire too - I took some pics there today and it was very atmospheric in the morning mist.

Coming up tomorrow - the insect statue!!

marley said...

I want to see it too!