Saturday, 31 January 2009

Now then, Smiler!

I felt like a twerp taking this photo, and I don't really know why. Maybe it was because it's not exactly a place where people normally stop and take pictures. They just fly through the barriers (just behind me here) and on to wherever they're going. Taking this, I did have a bit of an audience of puzzled ticket barrier "help" men behind me who probably wondered what the hell I was doing.

And then there's that whole "being a tourist in your own town" sort of thing to mentally deal with, which is a sore point for me because I regret my separation from this metropolis - and that I haven't been around to witness and live through its recent developments.

I must have got over it though by the time I exited the station, as I was greeted by a group of passing workmen with: "Now then, Smiler!" Which made me laugh. I had a friend at school who used to say that exact same greeting to people who were smiling. Wonder if it's a Leeds thing? I've never heard it anywhere else :-D

Leeds Blogs!
Two great Leeds blogs I've been enjoying recently are:
Leeds Daily Photo by Paul and
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Katie said...

Dont worry, I always feel like a twerp taking pictures for my blog, and the inevitable 'why are you taking a photo of your dinner on your phone camera?' look I get from the waiting staff.

Thankyou for the mention btw!

Paul - Leeds daily photo said...

I am not from round here (Yorkshire) but I have worked in Leeds a long time going under the Yorkshire Post advert so many times. I know what you mean about taking a photo of the routine and ordinary. We are in an age when we all have a camera on us almost 24/7 but the images have become disposable. So maybe it is good that some of document the ordinary.

Thanks for the plug, appreciate it.

Hyde DP said...

Sometimes we feel a bit un-nerved and keep the camera in our bag and then others we just think hey and get it out and shoot.

marley said...

I recognise this. Before I could drive I would take the train to visit my Gran. Ah, memories.

I agree with what you and Gerald have said. Its funny how we are conspicous in our own towns etc but on holiday think nothing of taking photos. The brain is a funny thing!

Gail's Man said...

I don't feel too badly about taking photos around Nottingham, as it's a bit of a tourist destination. Something York is. So I can feel like a visitor. I'm trying to cure myself of being frightened of taking photos of people up close. Getting better. But still rely on the zoom sometimes.

lunarossa said...

Hi Ruby, Glad you had a great time in Leeds. I always take pictures with my phone, they're not perfect but it is easier to handle than a camera. I always feel like a tourist in York as there are so many beautiful spots to discover over and over again. I've heard the expressione "smiler" here in York as well...What I don't really like is when the postman calls me "pet"!!! Ciao. Antonella

rich said...

I've got a Mancunian in my team who refuses to accept that 'now then' is a proper greeting. The fool, the fool.