Saturday, 24 January 2009


When belting into York Station to catch a train, it's always a relief if it leaves from one of the lower number platforms, as you know the platform is right there near the staion entrance.

If, on the other hand you get something like platform 5 - like I did on Wednesday, you have to leg it up these steps, and down the the ones at the other side before you can look for your train.

I love this clock at the top of the first steps going up, as I can look at it and work out how many minutes I've got. In this picture though, unusually for me, I had plenty of time, as my train to London didn't leave till 10.29. But that was because Ruby Senior, who is Organised, dropped me off at the station ;-)

NB The rose in the metalwork of the clock is the white rose of Yorkshire :-)


Katie said...

That clock is in the perfect position, I always take a glance at it as Im legging up the stairs to the Leeds trains which invariably leave from the platforms on the far side!

jro said...

This is how to get accents, but it wouldn't work on your blog.

That clock is beautiful. When you see objects like that, you realise how boring and functional everything is becoming.

B said...

Hubby just looked over and said 'isn't that York clock?' I'm very impressed with his observational skills :)

Tis a gorgeous clock - I've had a couple of nice ones on ncl daily photo recently!

Hilda said...

It's a beautiful clock and I especially like the metalwork. And thank you for answering my question even before I asked! ;D
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Babooshka said...

I actually like train station clocks. All so different . School clocks too. Good to see it's one that's acutaully working too.

lunarossa said...

I love this clock, Ruby. And I hate when I see the back of it to travel away from York. I'm always happy to see it gain on my return. Old dsentimental me! Lovely photos. Hope your feet have recovered by now! Ciao. A.