Thursday, 29 January 2009

Sightseeing Bus!

There are quite a few bus stops for the York City Sightseeing Bus along my normal morning bus route. The buses run all year round, have a running commentary, and you can get on and off as much as you like. Unfortunately I won't be reporting back about whether it's any good, because it costs £10 for a ticket, which only lasts 24 hours and seems to go where my normal bus goes anyway :-D

I buy a weekly ticket for the ordinary bus service, which costs £15 and with it I can travel anywhere on any bus within York. I intend to do some exploring some time soon.


Olivier said...

les célèbres cars pour découvrir les villes. En plein hiver, ne pas se mettre en haut ;o)
the famous cars to discover cities. In winter, do not put at the top ;o)

lunarossa said...

Did it once with my daughter's class (so it was free for me as well!) and it was interesting to see "roof-top" York for once. Why don't you venture to SB once? The bus is no. 10. I'll take you to the Farmer's Shop with the slug! Ciao. A.

Ruby said...

That's an offer I can't refuse Antonella, and a farmer's shop that gives free gifts on their lettuces ... wonder if slug is good sauted? 11

Anonymous said...

That is my street!