Tuesday, 20 January 2009

News about Terry's

A leaflet came through the door this week about the disused Terry's factory, seeking our opinions as nearby residents on the amendments to the council's brief for would-be developers.

Terry's is currently owned by the developer Grantside, who bought the factory in 2006 for £26 million. They put in a proposal to turn the place into loads of homes, a luxury hotel, offices and workshops, but the plan was thrown out by the council's planning department.

So the amended brief from the council says the developers may submit proposals for: a high quality hotel, conference and leisure facilities, shops, restaurants, and specifies that the development must benefit local people and have a "communal" feel.

I've been trying to get my head round it for a day or two now. It isn't stated on the information given to me why the last proposal was chucked out, and how the amendments will prevent that happening again - which surely, it the key piece of required information here. I think, if I remember rightly from what I read in the paper at the time, the main reason was the traffic congestion that it would supposedly cause in the area. I can only assume this must have been because there were too many homes planned as part of the last proposal (?). Why am I having to assume things? It would be nice if it was all made a bit clearer After all, this article in the Press yesterday tells us:

"It's one of the biggest and most crucial developments in York's recent history - and now the people of the city are getting their chance to reshape its future!"

Communicate to us clearly about it, then!

After residents have given their opinions, which we have until Feb 22 to do, the brief will be revised, and presented to the council's planning committee in March or April, according to the article in yesterday's Press. Then I suppose Grantside will have a look at it and submit another proposal. If they can still afford it, and if they aren't too p*ssed off by now.


Olivier said...

moi je trouve déjà que vous avez de la chance que l'on vous demande votre avis, sur Évry c'est la mairie qui décide.

I already found that you're lucky that we ask for your opinion on the council is Évry decides.

Rose said...

Not far from where I live there is this airfield that has not being used for many years. Ten years ago they wanted to turn it into a golf course and the residents in the surrounding area opposed vehemently so the council turned the proposal down. Then six years ago they applied to have a bunch of houses and the residents again shouted and screamed and planning permission was refused. Last year, the council decided to buy the land and turn it into a big incineration plant... local people are utterly upset but there is simply nothing they can do about it.
So maybe you should take the offer of a shopping centre, hotel etc... it might turn into something much worse!
Very nice picture though and excellent article...
keep up the good work!

lunarossa said...

Dear Ruby, I agree that's good that they ask for the residents' opinion, Ruby. But I'm not sure about they will really listen. At the end of the day it's their money and they will do what they please. Anyway, if it can create jobs, why not? Ciao. Antonella
PS I still miss the chocolate!!!

Picklesmum said...

How about a new shopping centre, complete with shanty town and alien space craft included? I know where there is one going spare....

Ruby said...

Thanks all!

Rose, what a sorry tale! Hopefully it won't come to that in this case, fingers crossed!

Picklesmum, aah, I think I know which shopping centre you are referring to. I haven't been keeping an eye on the Bury St Edmunds news I have to say - so I don't know if Debenhams has pulled out yet - but I sooo bet they do.

Picklesmum said...

No they haven't.They've been recruiting and due to open March I believe! Also Asda is due to open similar time which means more jobs for Bury.