Saturday, 10 January 2009

Gates to the Garden

I can't ever walk past the gates to the Museum Gardens without going in. They tempt me. They have everything: Roman coffins, an observatory, the Yorkshire Museum, benches and flowers, dodgy types hanging about among the abbey ruins (they would have sooo got moved on in Bury St Edmunds). There is even a burger van, on occasions.

The photo above shows The Lodge in the background. Just after I took this photo, I went to have a closer look at it. There was a poster in its window advertising the events of the Yorkshire Philosphical Society, which I hadn't heard about before.

Then I went to have a look at the spooky bit of the gardens, which I really like, but which frightens me a bit as well! Photo tomorrow!


Tanya said...

Wow, it's gorgeous! I would love to wander around through here!

Hilda said...

Love your crazy angle!

This is a beauty and your description makes it sound absolutely wonderful! And is that moss on the lamp posts? I love moss!

JollyGreenP said...

The name of YPS may put some folks off but the program has some very interesting talks and the society also runs some interesting holidays. The last one was a visit to Glasgow looking at various Rennie Macintosh sites, wonderful experience.Have a look on my website for photos I have taken on YPS visits.


lunarossa said...

Lovely photo, Ruby. I love the Museum Garden. As you say some parts seem a bit spooky but that's why I like it. I have to look into the YPS, thanks for mentioning it. Pity I missed the Glasgow visit. I'm a keen Rennie Macintosh's fan!
Have a nice Sunday. Ciao. A.